Sunday, February 8, 2009

Should I Vaccinate My Baby? - Vaccine Safety - Why The Controversy?

Following are a series of articles and other information that I have found through my own personal research and reading regarding the vaccine safety controversy.

Most of these articles are posted individually on this blog but I compiled this list because the most common search criteria leading people to my blog is,"Should I vaccinate my baby?" This tells me people are concerned about the controversy therefore I felt the need to create a single source to help parents get started.

1. This is the most important thing anyone needs to hear about vaccine safety, in my opinion. This is a CBS News interview of the former Director of the National Institute of Health and Former Director of the American Red Cross. She is currently Health Editor for US News & World Report. Dr. Bernadine Healy. Watch the video here.

2. Also from CBS News, How Independent are Vaccine Defenders? A follow the money story, here.

3) CNN - Should I Vaccinate My Baby? (see the video link in red) here

4) Article regarding new study by UC Davis that finds the increase rate of autism is not due to better diagnosis and environmental factors should be researched. The actual study summary,here The article from Huffington Post, here

5)Artlicle by Dr. Robert Sears regarding aluminum in vaccines, here

6) Goalposts - An excellent overview of history regarding Thimerosal and other concerns regarding studies by JB Handley, founder of Generation Rescue, here

7)Feeding A Hungry Lie - Also by JB Handley, more on the questionable studies that are marketed as disproving a link between autism and vaccines, here

8) FDA e-mails that explain that mercury(thimerosal)is removed from vaccines via a purification process but still used in the manufacture of vaccines here follow-up here

9) A series of Recent articles by David Kirby regarding info coming out of the Department of Defense concerning questions surrounding vaccine safety

- Aug 14 David Kirby on an American Troop Threat here

- Sept. 22 NY Rep Carolyn Maloney Questions Vaccine Safety in the Military, here

- Dec 02 DoD and CDC:Studies Suggest a Possible Link Between Multiple Vaccines and Injury, here

- Dec 11 The Pentagon: A Voice of Reason on Vaccines and Autism? here

10) This is an amazing panel discussion from both sides. It is very long...but excellent, here (scroll to bottom for webcast link) The Q&A at the end is a very good representation that defenders of the current vaccine schedule seem completely in the dark regarding what the true concerns might be.

11) For more information on Vaccine Safety visit the National Vaccine Information Csnter

12) The Other Side

The National Network for Immunization Information


Update: I have received many hits on this post. Please comment and let me know if this information was helpful in your research.


Anthony said...

Great blog post. Your readers will like this video too:

Adam said...

Thanks for the great list of resources. I thoroughly researched vaccines when I was making a decision. I read both sides of the story and couldn't help but not vaccinate my children.

I did create an extensive article showing the reasons not to, and I mainly used government websites (cdc, fda, nih) to show it is not safe.

I will always respect a persons decision either way as long as it is an informed and researched one. Most people who vaccinate have nothing more to go on than what their doctor, family or TV told them.