Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gardisil Safety

The CDC recommends the Gardisil Vaccine for girls as young as nine (CDC Schedule ) There have been numerous media reports about adverse event related to this vaccine.

In my own social and family network, I know of three girls who became very ill after receiving the Gardisil Vaccine.

CBS News - New Worries About Gardisil Safety, here
view the segment here,

New York Times - Blaming the Media for the Gardisil Hype - Here

News Inferno- Gardisil Researcher Criticizes Moves to Make HPV Vaccine Mandatory - Here

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VAERS (the governments official tracking system for reporting vaccine injuries)
1,016 adverse events have been reported since June '06, here, Select HPV4 from the "vaccine" field and then select "find"

VAERS Report by type of event - as of October 6, 2008, Here

What is Gardisil and HPV infection

CDC - HPV Infection Here

NVIC- Gardisil and HPV Infection - Get the Facts - Here

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