Saturday, April 5, 2008

My show request to Bill O'Reilly; The CDC, The AAP, massive spin, misrepresentation of fact and unsupported accusations

I sent the following email to Bill O'Reilly last Thursday. 4/3, after the Larry King Vaccine Debate. I also called the show and asked them to run a "Body Language" segment based on this debate.

This evening I just heard the commercial for his Monday show and he is running a segment on the debate. At this point I don't know which angle he is taking but I can't wait to see it. He is billing it as, "Jenny McCarthy looses it on air over son's illness."

I am beginning to understand that one person can make a difference. I am sure that I am not the only person who emailed O'Reilly following the Larry King debate or that I am the only one who sent a request to Larry King to host a the vaccine debate. I also know he has been contacted by others for years. The point is...the efforts of all of us who share these concerns can make a difference with a collective voice.

I do hope he does the issue justice but, on the other hand, I think this is one of those issues where there is no such thing as bad press...I hope.


I know you love a good exposé. I’ve been watching the vaccine news and interviews very closely since the Hannah Polling case and I have been amazed by the spin, blow off, misrepresentation of fact and inconsistency of the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics.

I would love to see you expose them for their spin and evasiveness. It matters not whether you believe vaccines are safe or if you are neutral on the topic.
The most important point here is this…if you are a parent looking for real, solid information to help you feel good about this countries vaccine program, it is not being provided and the officials have had plenty opportunity this past month to do so.
Some examples;

From Julie Gerberding, Director of the CDC
Julie Gerberding, Director of the CDC was interviewed on CNN by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. She admitted that mitochondrial disease + vaccine induces fever or other vaccine reaction could stress the body and lead to autism (Mito dysfunction +vaccine reaction = autism) This was an ENORMOUS admission on her part. Dr. Gupta makes no response. Later in the same interview she says we know vaccines are safe. Double Talk.
She also stated in this interview that they take any possible link between vaccines and autism very seriously but then stated that she has not even read the Polling case which found that nine vaccines in one day lead to her autism.. This case was conceded in November and hit the press three weeks before the CNN interview yet she hasn’t even taken the time to read it. For video see Adventures in Autism Blog post March 31 titled Julie Gerberding Admits on CNN that Vaccines Trigger Autism

Dr. David Tayloe, President Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Last night on CNN Larry King hosted a vaccine debate. One of the participants was Dr. David Tayloe, President Elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Tayloe stated that he had never reported a vaccine injury to VARS (vaccine adverse reaction reporting system) in all his years as a pediatrician. This was in the context of stating that vaccines are safe and he had never seen an injury .Interestingly the largest judgment against a doctor as result of a DPT vaccine injury was levied against Dr. Tayloe’s father in 1985 in the amount of $3.5 million. April 3 on Adventures in Autism. This is verified by Barbara Lowe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center who covered the story at the time.You should be able to find the video there or on You Tube this weekend.

On March 11 Dr. Tayloe was asked on The Today Show, "Do you believe that all vaccines should be used on every child?" His response, “Yes. I think any of the vaccines we have today have been tested and proven to be safe, and the credible studies don't show any relationship between vaccines and permanent injury. So we favor this and we know that unless we have vaccination rates that are in the 90 to 95% range we are not going to prevent epidemics from coming into this country of measles, of polio, from countries where these diseases are still endemic. So it’s very important that we vaccinate all our children."

Dr. Tayloe is lying (or at least grossly exaggerating) and he is admitting that his over riding concern is not that of any individual child. He knows that the very insert in every pharmaceutical package lists known possible permanent injuries that could occur. He knows that the governments Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reporting System exists to compensate people who ARE injured from vaccines and he makes it clear in his statement that the true concern is not your specific child but rather full compliance by all in order to maintain herd immunity. This man should not be allowed to take his post as President of the AAP. To view the video see youtube

Rear Admiral Anne Shuchat, Director of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases

By ANNE SCHUCHATPublished on: 03/26/08 Atlanta Journal Constitution
She says
“David Kirby's March 20 opinion column, "Give Us Answers on Vaccines," misinterpreted available information about a case before the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program and may have parents wondering what is best for their child when it comes to immunizations.” She also says, "Kirby's column included many inaccuracies related to childhood vaccines."

But she does not tell us in the article where or how he is wrong specifically.

She goes on to say
"That is unfortunate, given that our nation's childhood vaccines are very safe and are proven to protect and save lives." And "Parents should know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with other agencies in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the wide range of scientists and health professionals involved in the nation's immunization programs take seriously questions and concerns related to vaccine safety."

She however does not say anywhere in her article how we are to know they are safe or what actions they have taken to make them safe.

She does at least admit that;
"Vaccines are often given early in life in order to protect against diseases that can seriously harm infants and young children. The joint immunization recommendations of CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Family Physicians do recognize there are instances when a child should not receive a recommended vaccine or when a recommended vaccination should be delayed."
That’s interesting. The head of the AAP, Dr. Taylor, said on the Today show on March 11 that all vaccines are safe for all children. You may verify this directly from the Atlanta Journal Constitution or read the excellent break down on Adventures in Autism post dated March 26, CDC Offers another Non Response on Autism and Vaccines in the AJC

As you can see these officials are offering no more than “just trust us” because we say so. They are offering no references to support their promises and in some cases are completely misrepresenting the facts. While at the same time auto immune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and severe allergies, all auto immune, have sky rocketed and thousands of parents report that their normally developing children have been lost to autism after vaccination.

If you are interested in running this, I could give you more specifics regarding the research that “has not” been done. The research that has not been done would be required to prove they are safe. I can also provide reference to the scandal surrounding many of the studies that the CDC stands firmly on.*

A follow-up to my previous email; The CDC, The AAP, massive spin, misrepresentation of fact and unsupported accusations

1. Dr Tayloe, President Elect of the AAP, refused to say he would support the bill before congress that fund a study of the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated population, on Larry King's debate (4/2/08). Why, what are they afraid of?

2. The CDC would not send someone to participate in the Larry King Live, vaccine debate. They refuse face the questions of concerned parents and doctors in an open forum. Why?

I also emailed David Kirby's article CDC Has Lost Control of the Autism Argument, Huffington Post, April 4

Thursday, April 3, 2008

High Lights from the Larry King Debate

Ginger Taylor has written a great review of the Vaccine Debate which aired on the Larry King Live show last night.

If you missed it she will be posting the video over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The American Academy of Pediatrics to Work With Defeat Autism Now in Treating Autistic Children!

This is amazing...huge...unbelievable news! Thank you Ginger Taylor at Adventures in Autism for breaking this. For those of you who don't know Defeat Autism Now! is the group we have worked with in recovering Amelia and it is finally being recognized by the main stream. Praise the Lord! Now other children will more readily get the amazing help that Amelia has received.


Larry King Hosts Vaccine Debate - A few questions I would love to hear answered

Tomorrow evening Larry King will be hosting a vaccine debate at 9:00 p.m.

I can’t wait to see if anyone of significance shows up from the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics, i.e. Julie Gerberding, Paul Offit, Anne Schuchat, David Tayloe Jr. etc. as they have little to gain given they are standing on a house of cards.

Larry King is asking for questions (see Wednesday on his schedule)

Here are the questions that I would love to see answered;

How does the CDC and the AAP expect anyone to trust that vaccines have been proven safe when;

1. no study has been done that evaluates the long term impact of the schedule, from birth to two years, totaling 28 to 32 vaccines? Children have not been tracked long term in any study.

2. there has never been a study comparing the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations?

3. the most referenced study in the media, by those advocating vaccine safety, is the Denmark study. Why do the experts in this country reference a study from Denmark which evaluates safety against a population that does not compare to ours? They have a much less aggressive vaccine schedule in Denmark. Is there no similar study that holds up to scrutiny in the U.S?

"The FDA recommends that premature babies and those with impaired kidney function, receive no more than 10 to 25 mcg of injected aluminum at any one time," per Dr. Robert Sears in his article Is Aluminum the Next Thimerosal?, Mothering Magazine Jan/Feb 2008. Yet, also according to Dr. Sears, a two month old will receive between 295 mcg to 1225 mcg in their first round of vaccines, with these doses being repeated at 4 and 6 months. Again, that's 25 mcg vs. up to 1225 mcg three times by 6 months. The FDA states that excess levels of aluminum could result in nervous system damage and bone toxicity. Yet no study has been done to determine the maximum tolerable load of aluminum in healthy infants. Therefore how can we possibly trust that a vaccine program with this level of toxin can be safe?

There has been a lot of media coverage regarding vaccine safety since the Hannah Polling case broke last month. To track these developments go to view the March posts.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal? How can the FDA be so inconsistent in their guidelines?

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, I want to share an article written by Dr. Robert Sears that I found very well referenced and concerning. The Drs. Sears are the Spock of our generation and are very well respected.

The article is titled Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal? and was published in the Jan/Feb '08 issue of Mothering Magazine.

He discusses the inconsistency in FDA regulation as it pertains to the amount of aluminum allowed in all injectable drugs with the exception of vaccines, where there are no guidelines in place and the amounts present far exceed the limits set on other drugs.

If you have children please read this. This article exemplifies the many unanswered questions surrounding the safety of ingredients in vaccines and the effect they may have on immaturely developed infants. We all deserve informed consent with regard to the vaccines that are administered to our children and they should at least be held to the same standard as other drugs.

If you find this article the least bit concerning please forward the article to every parent you know.