Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I Started This Blog

It is my strong belief that we, as parents, must take great care with the decisions we make on behalf of our children. It is our responsibility to make educated decisions rather than allowing the medical community and the state to mandate these decisions on us.

I think the philosophy of owning the responsibility of proactively making educated decisions on our children’s behalf and giving "informed consent" for their medical treatment applies both when deciding;

1. which vaccines, if any, you will allow your children to receive.

If Joe & I "choose" to allow our children to receive any vaccine, in the future, we will understand exactly what the disease risk is (or is not), what the likelihood is that it will provide full immunity, what the disease risks are if the vaccine does not provide immunity or if it "wears off" in the future and what are the potential injuries that our child could suffer from the vaccine. Autism concerns aside, the pharmaceutical insert inside every vaccine package will explain what the known risks are, as well as the injury table provided by the governments Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This "system" exists because the government knows that some people do suffer injury from vaccination and this table provides a list of known reportable injuries. Injuries must be reported for the injured person to qualify for compensation resulting from the injury.

2. what treatments you should consider if you have a child who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, AD(H)D, Allergies or Asthma. Clinical experience and scientific research are showing children with any of the above have similar root cause, medical etiology. Medical treatment is available and recovery is possible.

It is our responsibility to advocate for our children and make informed decisions on their behalf rather than blindly turn them over to a doctor or the government and hope for the best.

Joe and I have learned this lesson the hard way and have watched other parents in our close inner circle learn the same at our children’s expense. Joe strongly encouraged me to start this blog and has cheered me on as it has slowly developed. It is our goal to share information that we wish we had before our first child was born.

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Adam said...

It is great to see parents (like yourself) take an active role in their children and actively seek information and ways to improve.

Great site!