Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vaccines: Defining the Concerns and How to Get Educated

First let me say, we are not anti vaccine. We just don't feel that the proper research exists and that the FDA guidelines on toxins in vaccines should at least meet the standard of other drugs.

Here are a few of the concerns shared by those of us who support vaccine reform.

1. The excessive amount of aluminum. I say excessive because the FDA recommends no more the 25mcg injected per day in preemies and those with impaired kidney function. However, on day one of life a newborn receives 250 mcg in the Hep B Vaccine and at each of the 2, 4 and 6 months visits and infant may receive 295 mcg to 1225 mcg , depending on the combination of brands. And guess what...there has never been a study evaluating the the tolerable amount of aluminum in infants. Want to verify?

2. There has never been a study evaluating vaccinated vs. non vaccinated populations. There is a bill currently in front of congress to accomplish just this. Please support it, if it makes the senate floor. Read more

3.There has never been a study evaluating the long term impact of 26 to 32 vaccines by age 2.

4.The study so often referenced, as proof of no harm, is the Denmark study. That population is in no way comparable to the US because they have a much less aggressive vaccine schedule. Google this study. You will find it referenced by many experts and critisized by many more.

5. There has never been a study conducted evaluating the safety of combined shots in one visit.

To educate yourself, I would highly recommend

1. the book by Aviva Jill Romm, Vaccination; A Thoughtful Parents Guide. She talks in depth about vaccines and each disease and the risks associated with the disease vs. the possible risk of the vaccine.

2. Also, I hear Dr. Robert Sears book, The Vaccine Book is very good and he gives an alternate schedule

3. This is an excellent article by Dr. Sears, about the high content of aluminum in vaccines

4.Here is a superb explanation of the research concerns from Dr. Boyd Haley, the head of the Chemistry Dept at Kentucky State University.

5. The National Vaccine Information Center is another good source

6.And here's information on obtaining a waivers in all 50 states . Don't believe that you MUST vaccinate to enter your child in school or daycare. All states provide a right to waiver...they just don't make that right common knowledge.