Monday, April 7, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Takes a Bite of the Vaccine Story. Maybe with encouragement he will sink his teeth in.

This evening Bill O'Reilly did a body language segment of Jenny McCarthy and her appearance on the Larry King Live vaccine debate of last week.

He was very respectful of McCarthy. He said is obviously very upset about what happened to her son, educated about the issue, unwilling to back down and the doctors were certainly afraid of her. His words with regard to the doctors were scared and uncomfortable.

I am hoping some of you might help me encourage O'Reilly to give this story more coverage.

Here's my email to him;

Mr. O'Reilly

Thank you so much for doing the body language segment of Jenny McCarthy from the Larry King Live show.

I think you where spot on with your analysis and you were quite respectful of Ms. McCarthy.

I am hoping you will cover the vaccine safety issue in greater depth. It is a very complex issue but one need not pick a side to realize something is wrong in terms of the evasiveness and "spin" of the CDC and AAP during the press coverage since the Hannah Polling concession.

They CDC flat refuses to appear on interviews that also host a vaccine reform advocate and their statements along with the AAP, are nonspecific as to how we are to know vaccines are safe, they often evade direct responses to questions and refer to studies that are steeped in criticism and controversy, not to mention special interest.

CNN, unlike Fox News, has dedicated themselves to this story but you are the only person I know with the audacity and agressiveness to truly expose the spin and evasiveness of the CDC and AAP.

Go get 'em
Pamela Felice

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