Monday, March 10, 2008

My Letter to the President, My Congressman & Senators

This letter was sent in response to the Autism Communities grassroots campaign calling for the resignation of the CDC Director, Julie Gerberding. For more information Google "Julie Gerberding, resignation"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Mr. President,

I am respectfully writing this morning to call for the resignation of Julie Gerberding, Director of the CDC in light of her very defensive and defiant comments resulting from the government ruling that vaccines played a role in the development of Hannah Polling’s Autism.

During Ms. Gerberdings six year tenure very little has been in done in terms of taking seriously the insistence of so many parents that their children regressed into autism immediately after receiving vaccinations. The CDC and others are trying to claim that Hannah’s case is unique. It is not. Up to 30% of autistic children have mitochondrial disorders and the story of how and when she regressed is extremely common among the parents of autistic children. By the way, news is breaking today that the court has actually conceded a number of similar cases prior to the Polling case.

It has always puzzled me why our own pediatrician and the media “experts” always reference the Denmark study as our steadfast evidence that thimerosal (mercury preservative) does not cause autism. Why do we in the U.S. need to refer to a study done in Denmark as our definitive proof. This study is riddled with questions regarding the appropriateness of comparing it to the U.S. population. And the mere fact that we have to look to Denmark for the best study is evidence of Ms. Gerberdings negligence in taking this issue seriously.

Oh yes, I certainly don’t want to forget the CDC’s Verstraten study on the effect of Thimerosal in vaccines. That one is steeped in controversy and ethical charges for manipulation of the data and conflict of interest. Yet it’s just about as good as we’ve got in this country. Pathetic.

One more point on vaccine research. Where’s the study that says 32 cumulative vaccines by the age of two is safe? Oh, that’s right no study exists. How can Ms. Gerberding stand before the American people and tell us to trust them on vaccine safety when there has been no study conducted to determine whether or not this sheer number of vaccines might have a negative immune or neurological effect. This number of vaccines alone might overwhelm the immune system not the mention the negative impact that aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. may have on the brain and body.

While autism diagnosis has jumped to one every 20 minutes, Ms. Gerberding has spent the last six years on the defensive regarding the role vaccines may play while little to nothing has been done to prove or disprove the role of vaccination in this epidemic.

It’s high time that the powers that be start listening to parents who have watched their healthy children slip away. Thousands of parents reporting the same observation of vaccination then decline need to be taken seriously and Ms. Gerberding has simply thumbed her nose at us all and for this she needs to go before she further erodes general confidence in the CDC.


Pamela Felice

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